Multi-media rocks!

What’s a web presence without sound and movies?

As my horizons have widened and simple creation – aided by great Mac software – has made establishing a sophsticated web presence far easier, I find myself reflecting as to why so few photographers’ web sites are silent. And stationary.

Adding sound is very easy with free tools like Audacity and inexpensive (if overpriced) digital sound recorders like the Edirol.

By way of example, a fellow photographer started working with me on a photo book some six months ago. What started out as a hard cover picture book has gestated into a web-based eBook with pictures, sound and QuickTime movies. Now which, for a photographer, do you think is more compelling?

True, it’s still not as easy to ‘leaf through’ an online book, despite advances in laptops, as with a hard copy tome, but then I don’t see how you can enjoy sound and movies in the latter.

Stay tuned for our upcoming twenty-first century interactive book.