About the snap: Green


Date: 1987
Place: Near Ojai, south central California
Modus operandi: Riding my motorbike on a pleasure trip
Weather: Perfect leather jacket weather
Time: 11 am
Gear: Pentax ME Super, 40mm Pancake Takumar
Medium: Kodachrome 64
Me: Awestruck by the lack of any color except green
My age: 36

This lovely cherry orchard was impossible to miss, and it was a moment’s work to capture this monochromatic palette featuring my favorite color. Look hard and you will see a deer on the right.

My landscape photography was much influenced by a Dutch photographer named Kees van den Berg – hard to find anything on him nowadays – and his simple use of color.

The little 40mm ‘pancake’ lens, so nicknamed as it was very small and flat, made for a fine travelling companion with the very compact ME Super body. Pentax continues to make pancake lenses for its DSLRs and should be applauded for it. You can see another one of my snaps with the pancake here.