Favorite posts of 2007


America does lots of things well, but none better than marketing. This piece attempts to identify how Madison Avenue’s best have affected my photography.

A little bit of math dispels oft held notions about the warranty racket. If you ever paid for a warranty, read this and think again.

The Rennaissance is a magnificent repository of the best that preceded photography. More here.

Adding another one to the dead pool, this time it was photojournalism’s turn to take it in the pants.

A favorite, poignant moment from that most beautiful of cities, Paris.

See more about Hoynijngen-Huene’s spare design ethic here.

All the worst facts about consumer digitals caused some vituperation back in June.

The summer saw some fun with Bubba.

If you are sufficiently morally challenged to work for the government and leech off my taxes, read this, grow a backbone, then either get a real job or please stop visiting this journal. You are emphatically not welcome here.

So you think your rangefinder Leica is fast? Get a life, shake the label worship and find out what real shooting speed is all about.

Now that I no longer live there it’s de rigeur that I wax poetic about that unflushed toilet of the Western hemisphere, New York City.

Want fast mirror lock-up in your 5D without paging through arcane menus on that horrible little LCD screen? Stop complaining about the useless Print button on the 5D and do this instead.

Got the DTs after that New Year’s party? Blow thirty bucks on one of these.

Too late now, but had you listened back in April you could have doubled your money. I wouldn’t be touching this stock with a barge pole right now.

Remember those ‘This is your brain on drugs’ ads from the ’70s? Here’s a guy who didn’t heed their message.

Still wasting time on monochrome? Read this and get a life. Some courage to go along with it might help, too.

Lens of the year? Yes. Dirt cheap? Yes.

And finally, the high point of my year was my one man show and you can see it by clicking here.

One thought on “Favorite posts of 2007

  1. Thank you for posting the link to your show, which I had not seen. I now have a much better sense of your photography.

    To my eye, the Mamiya images stand out. They seem more lifelike and appealing. Words like subtlety and dimensionality come to mind.

    In general, based on the examples in this show, film appears to trump digital. Perhaps subject matter differences and online viewing make the comparison invalid.



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