More NYC architecture

Carnegie Hall’s west elevation along Seventh Avenue always reminded me of what a steel mill might have looked like in that brilliant Scotsman’s era:

Carnegie Hall. Pentax ME Super, 135mm Takumar, Kodachrome 64.

1920s buildings are hard to improve upon:

Low-fifties, west side. Pentax ME Super, 135mm Takumar, Kodachrome 64.

Go back a few more decades and Tribeca has some lovely old iron warehouse buildings, now all converted to expensive lofts, with soaring ceilings and huge windows – the Carnegie mills probably provided much of the building materials for these:

Iron-framed building in Tribeca. Pentax ME Super, 28mm Takumar, Kodachrome 64.

If the politics of big buildings interest you, try Paul Goldeberger’s book Up from Zero which goes some way to explain why, seven years after 9/11, Manhattan has yet to see the first brick laid in rebuilding the World Trade Centers.