A bargain and a classic

The first classic of the digital age

The Canon 5D was the first camera to bring semi-affordable full frame sensors to digital photographers and, I believe, will go down as one of the great classics of the early digital photography age, much as, say, medium format was defined by the Rolleiflex and 35mm film by the rangefinder Leica. The leap in image quality it offered from 35mm and the ability to regularly match medium format film for definition and detail with none of the pain of operation make it the greatest camera design of its time.

The new 5D Mark II is slated to arrive in the US around December and yet there is already a slew of lightly used 5D Mark I models for sale on the web. Maybe it’s the economy, but I would think the price will soften further once Mark II generates some serious upgrade volume.

Check the eBay and you will see that completed auctions average about $1,300 for a mint condition lightly used body.

But I want the 21+ megapixel sensor in the new 5D Mark II, I hear you say, which begs the question why?

Do you propose making prints larger than 24″ x 30″? Do you want to use the movie mode? Is cleaning the dust off the sensor a real pain? Well, if you answered Yes to these, you may need the Mark II. No one else does.

Two classics – Canon 5D and Leica M3

One thought on “A bargain and a classic

  1. Once again Thomas your 100 pct correct. They’ve even slowed down the shutter fps if I’m correct. But for me, I have a son and want to leave him some video for when he’s older so I want that 1080p. However, here’s the catch, they lost my order when they decided not to include 24fps in this version. So I’ll stay with my 720p dedicated video camera. 1080p without 24fps. What where they thinking???? It’s not about Megapixels anymore!!!!!!! It’s about Dynamic Range. But the Camera mfrs are playing the pixel game as the consumer and most pros just don’t get that.

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