The Race Track improved

Dykinga was good. Edwards is better

There’s a magical place in Death Valley, Arizona and it’s called the Race Track playa.

Jack Dykinga illustrated it in his magnificent book which I reviewed a couple of years ago. Simply stated, stones of substantial mass move, magically, yet no one has ever seen this occur. I choose not to dwell on the reasons. Some things are simply magic. The Race Track is one of those.

Why not leave it there?

Well, because a fine photographer whose work I have been privileged to mention here on occasion, has done it better.

Rod Edwards, a UK professional, is that photographer and he has taken Dykinga’s work to a higher level in his rendition of that phenomenal place in Death Valley.

I have been unsuccessful in monetizing my QTVRs, much as I have tried. I would take my iBook around various wineries in central California and show them to proprietors, only to be met with blank stares. Indeed, when I had my one man show I considered including a couple of big screen TVs to better show them off, sound effects and all, but gave up on the idea based on those self same stares.

However, to Edwards’s credit, he has persevered and has been justly rewarded with a commission from Britain’s National Trust – an institution which you can best learn about from the wonderful writings of James Lees-Milne, a magnificent conservator and writer about the early years of the NT. Simply stated, the National Trust is charged with the preservation of the UK’s architectural and cultural heritage – a rare good use of taxpayer monies.

No need to dwell further on the subject – just click on the picture below.

Rod Edwards’s Race Track

Update August 27, 2014: The mystery of the moving stones has finally been solved and you can read all about it here.

3 thoughts on “The Race Track improved

  1. Thomas, I enjoy visiting your blog very much, your essays are thoughtful, interesting and reflect your many interests. Always good reading. I agree, Edwards’s panorama is the best! Could you please double check the location of Racetrack Playa, I believe it’s in California. Best regards, Paul
    P.S. My web site – – is under construction, not yet on line.

  2. Hi Paul … yes, you’re right, the Racetrack is indeed in Death Valley in California. It’s one of the most amazing, remote and spiritual locations i’ve ever been to. It takes a two hour drive along a rough dirt track in a four wheel drive vehicle to get there but the experience is well worth the effort at either sunrise or sunset.
    You can check out more of my 360 virtual tours here. And thanks for the kind words about my work … Rod Edwards (UK)

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