A sort of theme.

It’s not that I go out with specific themes in mind, but doing the chore of keywording in my LR3 library the other day I was struck by how often monochromatic green subjects feature in my snaps. So it was a matter of moments to make these into a Smart Collection, sorting on the keyword ‘Green’ and a few seconds later I had a handful worthy of publication. Here they are:

Greenwich Village, NYC, 1983. Leica M3.

Ojai, CA, 1991. Leica M3.

Morro Bay, 2005. Mamiya 6.

Laguna Seca, 2005. Canon 5D.

Paso Robles, CA, 2004. Canon 5D.

Filoli, CA, 2006. Canon 300D.

Half Moon Bay, CA, 2009. Panasonic G1.

Mission District, San Francisco, 2010. Panasonic G1.

Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, 2010. Panasonic G1.

Mission District, San Francisco, 2011. Panasonic G1.

I guess you could say green is my favorite color!

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