Adobe’s Deblur


Several readers have pointed me to Adobe’s presentation of their new Photoshop Deblur plugin; there’s a video of it here which probably proves that Adobe needs to learn presentation skills more than it needs to learn C++. Stated differently, the cackling moron who bills himself as a ‘minor TV celebrity’ is enough to put you off Adobe’s fine products for a generation. Once you get past this fool, there’s a compelling demonstration by one of their engineers of Deblur.

This before/after picture tells you all you need to know:

It’s not released yet but looks promising. I would expect to find this in cameras in future, software correction being far cheaper than anti-shake hardware.

Remember how in the old days a spy would feed a photo with a blurred blob into the megatron computer and, seconds later, out would come a sharp image with the numbered account for that Swiss bank vault containing millions in bearer bonds? That day just got closer.

I ruminated on all of this over half a decade ago in a piece here titled It’s the Software, Stupid.