Joe Holmes on the D800

From a real photographer.

All the talk of charts and definition and megapixels when it comes to the sensor in the Nikon D800 leaves me cold.

But when one of the finest street photographers alive writes about the new body, I pay attention. I much prefer to hear from an artist than from the manufacturer of paints and canvas.

Joe writes:

But until I print big, I don’t notice that difference. I printed an extremely detailed D800 image in the best possible quality at 17×22″, and I might be able to see more detail. Maybe. If I squint. Of course working with triple the resolution means I can crop the hell of an image and still have excellent quality — it’s like having a longer lens, in fact. But I seldom crop. So the enormous image size will pay off eventually, but for now it doesn’t make a difference in my day-to-day shooting.

For the full review, click here, and check out Joe’s work while you are there.