The invention of an American genius.

This wonderful advertisement for Edwin Land’s Polaroid SX-70 instant camera is thrilling to watch.

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Almost eleven minutes long, and reveling for a considerable part in the fabulous technology of the machine, there is no better way, other than using one, of appreciating what Dr. Land had accomplished with his magic machine. The sheer simplicity of the SX-70’s user interface would not be rivaled until the iPad came along forty years later, and having used both, I can assure you only one is magic, and it’s not the product designed in Cupertino.

The film was made by Charles and Ray Eames, whose other accomplishments include architectural and furniture design. Talent is seldom evenly distributed.

Film for the SX-70:

A bunch of criminally insane people in Holland got together, bought out the old Polaroid film making hardware and got down to making film for the SX-70, and you can still buy it here. Bless them!

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  1. Thanks for the nice ad from the past. On my first ever visit to Westlicht, the sign on an empty store next door says that “The Impossible Project” had moved 3 blocks away. After browsing the fine “Show place for Photography” I walked the 3 blocks and found the polaroid film store which showed all kinds of vintage polaroid cameras. Here are some snaps.

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