Madame Yevonde

A famous British photographer.

Somewhat forgotten today, whereas the light of her peers from Beaton to Penn continues to shine brightly, Madame Yevonde (Yevonde Middleton) was the ‘go to’ society and advertising photographer for the best part of half of the previous century, starting in 1920. She pioneered the use of the three plate Vivex color process in the early thirties, where three primary color images were successively exposed, then merged at the printing stage. Conceptually similar to Technicolor used in the movies, this process resulted in highly saturated colors in a world used to black and white.

If you were a society woman in 1930s London, then Yevonde was your photographer of choice, as you sought to memorialize your flouncing about in flimsy fabric dressed as a Greek goddess. The pictures verge on kitsch, but it is high quality kitsch.

Madame Yevonde. Click the picture for the Madame Yevonde web site.

Lady Milbanke as Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons (!)

1930s advertising shot using the Vivex process.

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