The CA premium

Worth every penny.

A recent study disclosed that migration within the United States has nothing to do with low state tax rates. Indeed, the states with the highest internal emigration are the ones with zero taxes – Alaska and Wyoming – while those with the highest retention include New York and California, both very high income and sales tax rate states. As the study goes back to pre-Depression years, some 9 decades, it’s not like the data are a flash in the pan.

The reasons, of course, are simple. The coastal states provide the highest income opportunities, though as a Wall Street refugee myself, I confess to wondering why anyone would want to stay in the blighted hole that is New York, with its foul climate.

But California is pretty easy to understand. No guns, few nuts and those mostly found on trees, and the secret ingredient. Sunshine. Such were my musings enjoying a glass of cool Chardonnay yesterday in Palo Alto’s Fish Market, which serves up some truly splendid piscine delights. My choice was a butterfish, gently flavored with a touch of paprika, with sun dried tomatoes (how else?) with a hint of basil, all enjoyed on the open air patio in picture perfect 76F weather. Worth the occasional ‘quake or two in my book.

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