A couple from the 35mm Nikkor

Great street snapper.

First snaps through the 40 year old 35mm Nikkor, profiled yesterday.

Yesterday and tomorrow. D700, 35mm. Click the picture for the location.

Oyster vendor. Same gear.

Cheese shop. Same gear, at full aperture.

Flower. Same gear.

Looks like a keeper. The lens has a CPU installed, which took a few minutes, and I used my custom lens correction profile on import to Lightroom 4. The CPU allows the correct profile to be automatically selected and applied in LR or PS.

2 thoughts on “A couple from the 35mm Nikkor

  1. The first image is quite amazing, among many wonderful ones that you post. Curiously, it instantly reminded me of your ’70s B&W image of the woman observing the statue in the park. I would have to go look at that one again to figure out why, but maybe it is the way the sleeping man’s body is positioned/contorted. What a catch!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. This is the image you are thinking of, and the technical data are easy to remember, even if the snap is some 40 years old. You see, that’s the only camera and lens I owned back then!

    Reg Butler sculpture, Holland Park, London, 1973.
    Leica M3, 50mm DR Summicron, Tri-X processed in D76.

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