Carbon Copy Cloner

Much improved.

I have been using CCC as my backup application of choice for more years than I care to remember. The author, Mike Bombich, finally went commercial recently and it now costs money to buy. Not very much money and there is no more important application on my computer.

The app’s user interface has been greatly improved, making the user experience far more user friendly than before. As before CCC will offer to clone the Recovery Partition – an invisible partition on the destination drive which permits OS X recovery if your normal boot drive is damaged.

You can go to Mike’s site by clicking the image below:

Click the image for the CCC site.


Not much longer.

The Levi Strauss store on Union Square in San Francisco is moving and will shortly become an Apple Store. The current Apple Store is in a truly miserable location on Market Street where you are as likely to find drunks and druggies at the entrance as you are to find the usual collection of hipsters.

Snapped during a lucky break in traffic on the iPhone 6.