Tony Snowdon


Click the image for the interview.

Tony Snowdon died yesterday. One of the finest photographers of his time, Snowdon never cheapened or ridiculed his subjects, an approach consistent with his breeding.

You can see the 2001 Charlie Rose interview by clicking the image above.

Christmas Day

No trekking involved.

While I would love to relate how I drove for hours through the desert in an all wheel drive vehicle then trekked dozens of miles to my destination, the reality is that these snaps were taken exactly 2 miles from my doorstep in Scottsdale in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve which, at 30,500 acres in area, is the largest nature reserve in the United States. Some 180 miles of trails make discovery easy and the weather today was picture perfect.

So while the northeast is buried in snow, the southeast flooded, the midwest frozen over and the northwest fogged in, Arizonans find themselves happily basking in the sun, the weather the least of our concerns.

Here’s a map of the Preserve:

Click for a big map. Image location in red; my home in green.

All snapped on the Nikon D3x with the 35mm Sigma Art (first and fourth) or the 20mm UD Nikkor (all others).