iPad Pro

Bigger and better.

The rumor that Apple will make a 12.9″ iPad for early 2015 sale is welcome indeed.

This will hopefully speed the migration of art and photography books to something of reasonable weight. Case in point, I’m reading Pierluigi De Vecchi’s splendid monograph on Rapahel and while the production values could not be improved upon, just lifting this tome to rest on one’s knees gives pause. It must come in at some 10 lbs.

Given the immense reduction in weight the iPad Air offers over previous versions, Apple should be able to offer generous battery life in the iPad Pro with little weight increase over the Air and the integrated touch screens coming to these devices will offer further weight savings. Price? My guess is under $1000 for the base model.

It may not be ‘think different’ but in this case ‘thing bigger’ definitely works.


On vintage machines.

Fettling a Sunbeam Tiger.

You need two Jags – one to drive, the other in the shop.

Tire jockeys.

A Morgan three wheeler.

“It was this big ….”

“Are you sure of that?”

The dying art of carburetor tuning.

All snapped in the Laguna Seca paddock at last week’s vintage races.

Panny GX7, 17mm and 45mm Zuiko lenses.

Pretty in Pink

The 935 K3.

Few privateers have won the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race, one of the last being the Kremer brothers with their Porsche 935 K3 with twin turbochargers and air-to-air intercoolers – one of the many modifications made to the factory car, which used water cooling.

A car similar to this one won Le Mans in 1979; today it makes the rounds of the classic racing circuit. The engine may sound like a bucket of bolts at idle, but with 800hp on tap, it takes a real man to drive the car at speed.

Here the owner’s wife looks on in the paddock of the Monterey Historic Races. This car belongs to technology entrepreneur Ranson Webster.