Checkerboard Mesa

Last snow.

Enter Zion National Park through the east gate and the first thing that meets the eye is Checkerboard Mesa at all of 6,670 feet elevation.

These erie lines on the rock face seem man made but are anything but, being remnants from the ice age which saw giant glaciers cut through the rock. Here the last vestiges of snow are visible on the shady side in mid-March.

Panny GX7, 45-200mm zoom.

Zion NP

A subtle beauty.

If the insane crowds at the Yosemite are not your cup of tea, the less well known and more dramatic Zion National Park in southwest Utah is the ticket.

Enter through the east entrance and after passing the startling Checkerboard Mesa at 6670 feet, you come on massive rock formations which, try as they might, cannot seem to deny growth rights to a myriad of evergreen trees, seemingly sprouting from rock:

Panny GX7, 14-45mm zoom.