The Capitol, Phoenix

The seat of government.

The Capitol, in the center, is flanked by the Senate at left and the House of Representatives on the right.

The image is a Photomerge in Photoshop of three images taken on the Nikon F100 with the 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6 AFD Nikkor Zoom – a lens which was free after I sold off the IR and ND filters it came with, both of no use to me. It may not be optically perfect but excels as the ‘one lens for everything’ in street snapping.

Here’s the story:

iPhone 7 snap.

NYC in the snow

Some superb old images.

Click the image for the article.

It’s an image worthy of Manet at his finest, at once realistic and impressionistic in its rendering.

The New York Times has started digitizing all its images back to inception in 1851. Early fruit of its labors is on show in the linked article – click the image above – and is from pre-WW1 New York City, and while the photographers are unknown the images are startling in their beauty and immediacy. And yes, I can confirm that the crossing at Broadway on the north side of the Flatiron Building is still windy as heck to this day.