A cheap wireless remote

RF is the way to go.

The Oppilas wireless remote uses radio waves at 2.4gHz, in preferences to Infra Red beams. This means line-of-sight between trigger and camera is not required and also results in an enormous range. I gave up counting at 50 feet and 100 feet is claimed. The camera end goes in the hot shoe, where it can be locked down, and the Nikon bodies using the provided ten pin connector are listed above.

On the D700. The ten pin connector can also be secured using the chrome ring.

The trigger, just under four inches long and very lightweight, has four settings in addition to the on-off and firing buttons. They are single frame, continuous, Bulb and a very handy self-timer. To get Bulb to work the camera’s Mode has to be on ‘M’ and the shutter speed set to ‘Bulb’. Thereafter a first pressure on the remote’s button opens the shutter, a second one closes it. The self timer delay is some 5 seconds. Its use is not so much to allow you to rush into the picture – with a 100 foot trigger range you just take the transmitter with you, of course – but to let vibrations die down in the camera when on a tripod. Use the mirror lock-up feature to further help things and you can get away with shutter speeds in the critical 1/15-1/60th range where mirror slap tends to make for a significant definition robbing effect.

The trigger.

I bought mine from eFraud in the US for all of $22.90 shipped. One of the best features, in contrast to similar remotes I have bought for my 5D and G1/G3, is that neither receiver or transmitter uses exotic, costly batteries. Each makes do with two AAA cells, and four such batteries are provided with the device, along with the usual comical Chinglish instructions. The maker claims a 300 hour standy-by life for the receiver batteries, and 3 years for those in the transmitter! In practice, the receiver is switched off when not in use, and it’s hard to forget as it blinks a red diode when on, so the practical receiver battery life is likely many times that stated.

The only anomaly I have encountered so far is that when the receiver is plugged in to the D700’s ten pin socket, the LCD on the rear of the camera goes dead. Neither menus nor image preview can be invoked. You can fix this by using the receiver with a 2.5mm cable connected to a GPS receiver inserted in the nine pin socket – see the Comments below for details.

A friend in the UK bought one from eFraudUK for a Canon 40D – only the connecting cable differs, and has had like success with it. This device is highly recommended.

I cannot find a Nikon branded device with like specs, but if it exists prepare to have your wallet emptied.

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  1. Hi , did you ever find out why the LCD won’t work when the remote is attached? Or a way to fix it?

    No and Yes. If you fit this receiver and use the pass-through 2.5mm cable to connect the radio remote receiver, the LCD display functions normally. As the provided receiver 9-pin cable is not used in this configuratiom, this suggests the cable provided is incorrectly wired and is shutting down the rear LCD display. If you do not use the GPS receiver linked here, then I do not know of any other fix other than rewiring the provided 9-pin cable, which is likely impossile as the whole thing is sealed. – Ed.

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