The Caltrain terminus

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Located at Fourth and Brannan in south east San Francisco, the Caltrain terminus is my destination when taking weekly trips to the city. At a modest cost for the round trip from the Peninsula, including lunch and a revitalized psyche, that’s a whole lot less than visiting a shrink and, unlike that futile exercise, my trip invariable culminates in great memories, food and snaps. And as I take my push bike along, I get fit in the process of riding around the city on the Bay.

Further, I can work at my day job on the trip thanks to the hotspot on the iPhone which gives me roaming wifi and the iPad which gives me a screen I can actually make out. Some of my best investment ideas have originated on such journeys, aided by the good mood that the prospect of street snapping creates and the gentle rocking of the train, which is how man was meant to travel.

And, truth be told, I almost never fail to start the visit off on a high note, as the assembled greeters in the terminus building are a never ending source of wonderful, often moving, images.

Here are some recent ones.

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