Berkeley, CA

Scummy town.

The town of Berkeley remains a liberal stronghold, but truth be told, it’s a pretty scummy place. Downtown is replete with indigent men sprawled on the sidewalks and you have to think the City fathers can do better than this. However, wander up Berkeley Way or University Avenue into the hills and you will arrive at the UC Berkeley campus and it is very well worth the trip for architecture aficionados.

Typical downtown denizen of the streets. iPhone5 snap.

Boarded up tenement building.



Berkeley Post Office – waiting to be redeveloped when the USPS goes belly-up.

Americana. One of the smallest hot dog huts ever, in a parking lot.

Save our Post Office. Good luck with that.

And you thought the deep south had an exclusive on this garbage?

BErk1927. Downtown mural.

Not for tobacco.

More on the UC Berkeley campus and its architecture here. A quite different experience.

All on the Nikon D3x and 35/1.4 Sigma, except the first.